Artiste-auteur, creative digital engineer, micro-entrepreneur, designer, consultant
Full stack conception and creation of unusual web and media projects since the last millennia.

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Born and raised in the steel town of Linz, Austria, my fascination with technology began in my early years, tinkering with my father's first PC and learning to code through Logo videotapes. After a series of odd jobs, I pursued my passion for technology and art, earning a degree in Visual Media Design and Digital Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

I spent over two decades living and working in Vienna, where I created numerous works that have been showcased in over a hundred exhibitions and festivals worldwide. These works earned me prestigious awards, including the Prix Ars Electronica. My journey then took me to Southern California for a few years. During this time, I took up surfing, lived in a geodesic dome, and had a brief stint teaching at UC San Diego.

Currently, I reside on the singular island in Southern France, where I continue to enjoy outdoor activities including biking, swimming, surfing, running, hiking, and climbing. I try to enjoy nature, as long as it is still there.

My portfolio is diverse, ranging from creating award-winning artworks that have been showcased globally, to developing the first GPS-enabled "app" in Austria. I've written code that has helped thousands of children learn to code, and code that enabled me to scan thousands of river kilometers around the globe. I also created real-time interactive sports visualizations for live broadcasts in Austria and Germany.

One of my geekiest achievements was providing the first and only pirated live coverage of a Football World Cup in 2006, streaming it in plain ASCII-Art via Telnet. During the COVID pandemic, I set up custom streaming and chat solutions to support the Viennese music scene, delivering a thousand live concerts to homes.

In addition, I have created, designed, and maintained a multitude of web projects as a full-stack engineer, often jumping between multiple roles such as designer, developer, consultant, project manager, and DevOps.

My work has been featured in a diverse set of publications and media outlets, including /.Slashdot and Linux Magazine. I occasionaly write myself.

Throughout my career, I have always been driven to address ecological and social issues. However, the struggle of multi-tasking and juggling too many small and medium-sized projects and economic pressures often leaves me yearning for opportunities to work on sustainable solutions with a more focused approach.

Despite the challenges, I remain committed to my belief that the most impactful innovations are not technological at all, but rather social. As such, I continue to seek opportunities to make a meaningful impact in these areas.

contact: m [AT] ash.to

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