Walls (excluded)

Experimental cartography (2011)

The Mellila border fence between Morocco and Spain
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"Walls" is an experimental series in remote sensing, tracing along and straightening barriers, fences, walls and borders. Customs software simulates a virtual drone flying along these borders resampling satellite footage with a line-scan (slit scan) approach.

"Twelve years prior to 9/11, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. This event seemed to announce a new beginning of the "happy '90s", Francis Fukuyama's utopia of the "end of history," the belief that liberal democracy had, in principle, won out, that the advent of a global liberal community was hovering just around the corner, and that the obstacles to this Hollywood-style ending were merely empirical and contingent (local pockets of resistance whose leaders had no yet grasped that their time was up). September 11, in contrast, symbolized the end of the Clintonite period, and heralded an era in which new walls were seen emerging everywhere: between Israel and the West Bank, around the European Union, along the US-Mexico border, but also within nationstates themselves." (Slavoj Žižek)