The Synthetic Times

Artificial News for Artifical Times (2023)

Paris, Vienna – Austrian artist, Michael Aschauer, has created The Synthetic Times, a groundbreaking AI newspaper that is set to revolutionize the way we think about news and its role in society. The Synthetic Times is an artificial intelligence-powered newspaper that provides a unique perspective on current events, fake news, and socioeconomic conditions.

The Synthetic Times is unlike any other newspaper. It is powered by an AI algorithm that is able to analyze data from multiple sources and generate content that is both insightful and thought-provoking. The Synthetic Times is designed to give readers the opportunity to explore and discuss the complex issues that are shaping our world today, such as fake news, inequality, and the power of technology.

Michael Aschauer, the creator of The Synthetic Times, comments: “I wanted to create a newspaper that would challenge our preconceived notions of news and provide a platform for thoughtful discussion. I believe The Synthetic Times has the potential to spark conversations that can help bring about positive change in our society.

The Synthetic Times features images in the style of more 30 different artist. Read your news as illustrated by grand masters such as Francesco Goya, Hiroimus Bosch or Carvaggio.