Danube Panorama Project

Longterm Panoramic Linescans of the Danube River (2005)


Exhibition view, Hoehenrausch, Linz / AT, 2018

The Danube Panorama Project is an experimental approach to photographic mapping and cartography. It's goal is to produce a huge panorama of the Danube's river sides by digitally slit-scanning its coastlines, resulting in a unique 'cross section' of contemporary Europe.

The Danube - "Europe's River of Destiny" - connecting Western, Central and Eastern Europe uniquely reflects the shifting relationships of its peoples, cultures and religions in its accumulated history and contemporary dimensions. It is as much a cultural as a geographic landscape. It will guide as a symbolic red line of this intense survey.

Danube Panorama Project - ExcerptDanube Panorama Project - ExcerptDanube Panorama Project - Excerpt

Exhibition view, LP Art Space, Chongqinq / China, 2017
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Exhibition view, Schallaburg / AT, 2020
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