CryptoBorders US-MX

cap and trade borders (2019)

Excerpt US-Mexico border around San Diego/Tijuana
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Borders are arbitrary lines drawn into a landscape to separate competing bands of homo sapiens. Declining empires and dying civilizations of this species often try to enforce those by fences or walls with little regards to other natural habitats.

Non-fungible tokens are arbitrary references stored on a block chain linking to ordered pieces of digital bits declared as (intellectual) property of a single specimen or an arbitrary legal form.

As we all know, the invisible hand of the market solves everything. Therefore the natural solution to the crisis of our time is simple: Slice up the virtual borders into ownable tiles - cap and trade them.

You can even buy yourself free from at least some of your sins as half of the proceeds go directly into a cause for refugees, or into the climate crisis, which is the same since it will be the predominant cause of involuntary nmigration - directly or indirectly.

And yes, if your are reading this, you are part of the cause which effect is the climate crisis, is migration, is refugees. There is no easy way out.