7 C-Days (Book)

Artist Book (2010)

This book presents a seascape, recorded as continuous scan of a single point on the horizon over a period of seven days. What we see, though, is not the expansion of space, but a passage of time as captured by a simple, custom designed line-scan camera.

I recorded these images in November 2007 on the Greek Island Syros, from a hilltop called ‘Oros Harasson’ which translates as ‘mountain that inscribes the direction of light’. The camera was oriented precisely at the point where the sun hits the sea during winter solstice.

Edition: 300, signed and numbered
Japanese Binding, Softcover
84 pages, 15 X 20 cm
Fotohof edition 2010, Band 141
ISBN 978-3-902675-41-5


One of the most remarkable and eye catching artist books published in Austria early this year. Michael Aschauer takes the viewer on his very own journey through a sequence of colour scales. Using his line-scan camera to capture a fixed-point on the ocean over a period of one week we see the light changing its colours, but even more we see how photography is becoming film and further an abstract painting.
(Salon für Kunstbuch)

This stunning artist’s book, signed and numbered by media artist Michael Aschauer, was born of a deceptively simple idea. The seven panoramic photographs were taken on the Greek island of Syros, from 6am until 9pm, over the course of one week in November 2007. Shooting from a hilltop called Oros Harasson (“the mountain that inscribes the direction of light”), Aschauer used a specially designed line-scan camera that was oriented precisely at the point where the sun hits the sea at the winter solstice. The photos, arranged in one continuous frame so both the continuity of each day and the contrast among the separate days is evident, range from black through the colors of the daytime sky and back to black. The “decisive moment” of the photo becomes an eternity, and the click of the shutter lasts seven days.
(RAM Publication)