a participative global simulation




" .. a smaller version of Fuller's scientific world theater .. " (springerin)

" In any case Logicaland has a powerful visualisation system for it is very simple, elegant and devastatingly intuitive" (inf@vis)

./logicaland v0.1 - participative global simulation

./logicaland is a project study for visualizing our world´s complex
economical, political and social systems. [./logicaland] tries to engage people into strategies of raising human sensibility and responsibility within the global networked society. the challenge is to develop ideas, tools and visualizations that fit the require ments of complex correlating systems and our world's complex participative environment.

v0.1 is the first attempt of a work in progress to realize a prototype of a global simulation that is to be controlled by a community of unlimited participants.

based on a scientific global world model of the mid-seventies, modified and hacked to fit our concepts, we developed a tool that facilitates people to take part in a simulation, unlike tools in the scientific field which are neither participative nor public.

the main idea is to provide a public web-based world-simulation within a participative environment, where all users have equal influence on the system. everyone with internet access should be able to participate in [./logicaland]. one user's influence on the system is minimal since it is a fraction of all participants' actions. only if a lot of users follow similar strategies, serious change can be achieved.

exhibitions participations

2002, big social game, biennale internazionale arte giovani, BIG 2002, torino [it]
2002, ars electronica 2002, linz [at]
2002, forum stadtpark, graz [at]
2003, the chrono-files, lothringer13/halle, munich [de]
2003, WLI, rex / b92 cultural center, beograd [yu]
2004, bang the machine, yerba buena center for the arts, san francisco [us]
2005, in the line of flight, millenium monument museum, beijing [cn]
2005, signes quotidiens ou le quotidien c'est bien, CSS, paris [fr]
2005, postmedia condition, neue galerie, graz [at]
2006, digital transit, centro cultural conde duque, madrid [es]
2006, postmedia condition, mestna galerija, ljubljana [si]
2006, art at the center 2006, cittadellarte-fondazione pistoletto, biella [it]

festival participations

ars electronica 2002, linz [at]
garage, stralsund [de]
file online [br]
festival of new film, split [hr]
viper, basel [ch]
impakt, utrecht [nl]
futureScreen 02, sidney, [au]
SEAFair 2002, skopje, [mk]


award of distinction @ prix ars electronica 2002, category: net vision


concept and realisation:
michael aschauer | http://m.ash.to
maia gusberti | http://re-p.org
nik thoenen | http://re-p.org
sepp deinhofer | http://www.unrast.at

thanks to:
calc, peter brecke, boris manner, tom fuerstner, silvia gaiswinkler, springerin, norbert pfaffenbichler, reinhard braun, vidok, gerti haupolter, hans kulisch
and all the others who supported us ...

supported by:

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play @ http://www.logicaland.net
mailto: io@logicaland.net


  [ installation images ]

BIG Torino 2002

graz, forum stadtpark

munich, 2003

san francisco, 2004

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internet access map

internal flowchart

[ online reviews ]

springerin [en] [de]
inf@vis [en] [es]
ars electronica [en] [de]
ars catalogue [en] [de]
contexto [it]
neural [it]
progress [de]
fm4 [en]
pctip [de]

[ source code ]

logicaland's source code is available under the GNU GPL Licence. you can find them here download sources