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(Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer)

As horizon consequently shifts when we move, e_etc.tv is an always changing film, a panorama of different perspectives. e_etc.tv is a constantly changing online-(streaming) movie, composed of different sources - a tool which collects, controls and samples pictures shot by web-cam's all over Europe.

On the project website one can choose and assemble web-cam material into temporary movies. The movie can be controlled and changed over time or completed by new sources and sequences.

The selected web-cam's document common places, sight seeing points, traffic situations - every day events and views within Europe. e_etc.tv is an attempt of turning this automated "public" eyes into sources for a collaborative movie - showing different European perspectives and providing an ever changing image - a cross European landscape

developed within a resideny of ex-stream project at Interspace Media Art Center Sofia
on show at Free Bitflows, Künstlerhaus Wien, 2004