War Panoramas

modified on: 2012-04-03 17:39, tagged as: panorama, war

Inspired by recent visits to 1453 Tarih Müzesi (Panorama 1453) in Istanbul (see also my preliminary Istanbul notes) and The Battle of Bergisel in Innsbruck (Austria), I updated my old panorama shot of the October War Panorama in Cairo, Egypt and put it into an OpenLayers container.

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<iframe src="/october_war_panorama/" frameborder="0" width="595" height="320">
needs iframe.

full(screen) site version here..

I still wonder why this "ancient form of immersive media" is so popular up to now for nationalistic celebrations of regional or national identities based on ancient battles won (in some cases it does not even matter if the war afterwards is lost). Do we crave so much for this scenes to come back? Impressive they are in any case, so it comes as much less surprise that most of the audience is normally barely old enough to qualify as literate..