8-BIT | re-p.org

light and sound installation.
realized for the abstraction now exhibition @ künstlerhaus, vienna, 2003

8-BIT is a poetic confrontation of a fundamental digital principle with its analogue delays and failures: a visualization and interpretation of the binary number system as demonstrated by 8 fluorescent tubes repeatingly counting all possible values of 8 bit (wich is 1 Byte) from 0 to 255 - or from 00000000 to 11111111 in binary number format. The analogue and unpredictable behaviour and latency of the tubes transforms this clearly determined and exactly controlled arrangement of digital basic instructions into a sound and light composition enriched by the element randomness.

starring: 8 fluorscent tubes, 8 piezo contact microphons, 8 loudspeakers, 4 amps, mixer, relay card, PC

// credits:

a realisation by re-p.org
heavily depends, transfers and improves methods and ideas developed at the M.I.T. sound laboratory
(and - of course - elsewehere)

as at the time of this writing:
--> re-p.org | michael aschauer, maia gusberti, nik thoenen
--> M.I.T. | michael aschauer, rainer mandl, nikola winkler, daniel sulic

thanks for their support: künstlerhaus wien, rainer mandl, chris janka

// documentation:

--> 8-BIT foto archive
--> 8-BIT sound snippet (mp3, 4:20 min | 4 MB)
--> 8-BIT video clip: MPEG-4 (2:17 min | 6 MB)

// references:

more documentation / related and or historical material to browse:
--> the M.I.T. song (for razors): "2h8" (mp3 | 2:15 | 2.1 MB)
--> the M.I.T. music for razors project + pictures of performances: @home & live @ rhiz, 2001
--> m.ash's M.I.T. video "2^8" (mp4, 2:20 | 8 MB)
--> syko's variation on 8 bit counting: "count8bit" (asf | 4:45 min | 3.6 MB)

possible useful quick and easy introductions to binary numbers:
--> a binary primer by john selvia, and his somehow funny binary finger counting
--> a bit about bits by d.krehbiel

fluorescent sounds:
--> David Tudor's fluorescent sound

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