A google cardboard app experiment. It starts up into what appears to be an Augmented Realtiy application, but soon "crashs" and beams you into a nightmarish first-person shooter like scenery (Set out as a drive through the ruins of the Syrian town Homs, followed by a fly-over of a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan)

The app utilizes and demos a mix of technologies from WebVR and 3D to live-video and the Pulfrich-effect to turn video-footage from the web into stereosopic imaginery.

Download APK (for ARM) Download APK (for x86)

browser version

This app was made by hybrid app development and web technologies (WebVR), so it could be run in your browser if you have a very recent version.
However the experience on the desktop will be very limited, since it was designed for usage in a cardboard and with video live input

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