Energy Harvesting

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Energy Harvesting / Parasitic Energy in the Arts (Stephen Wilson)
Energy Harvester zur netzunabhängigen Stromversorgung
Mühsame Ernte, iX 8/2009

Products / prototpyes

Photovoltaic / Solar

G24i dye-sensitized thin film photovoltaic prototypes (indoor/outdoor),product-specifications,84.html

Konarka Power Plastic

Power Film / Thin Film Amorphous Silicon / Polymer substrate

Kinetic Energy (Motion) (Piezoelectric, Electrostatic .. )

Personal Power Generator

Perpetuum - Perpetual Power solutions (Vibration)

DurAct - Piezoeletric Patch Transducer

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Power Supply (Vibration)

Midé Energy Harvesting Products (Piezo/Vibration)

Advanced Cerametrics Harvestor Power Module

Enocean - Energy Harvesters

Face International Piezo Actuators

Piezoelectric Ribbons Printed onto Rubber for Flexible Energy Conversion (Paper)

Temperature differences/changes (Thermoeletric)

Micropelt Thermogenerators

Wireless Energy (Radio waves, radiation)



Microbial fuel cell



Solar Bag by Diffus (2010)

Solar Bikini by Andrew Schneider (2006)

Day For Night Solar Dress by Despina Papadopoulos / Studio 5050 (2006)

Kinetic Running Pants by Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius (2009)

Captain Electric and Battery Boy by Joanna Berzowska / XSLAB

DIY Solar T-Shirt

Solar Backpack (Example),g-pack,91.html


Energy Harvesting Trees - Solar Botanic Renewable Energy Systems